Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flowers In Spring

Spring might seem far away with the onset of Autumn, but in South Africa we are blessed with many months of warm weather, hardly have a winter season, especially in the summer rainfall regions, and before we know it spring has sprung and we are abuzz with the bloom and busyness of the warmer weather, and our gardens closely resemble a vibrant market place where insects and birds come to taste the floral wares in exchange for their pollinating services. Flowers are in abundance and the birds and bees are busy doing what they do best of all – pollinate the plants.

Pollination of flowers:

Eye-catching watsonias in electric colours, pastel-coloured freesias that perfume the air and sculpted disas with delicate petals – there is indeed a massive variety amongst plants and flowers which all is made possible through pollination. With the rising sunlight flowers make use of extravagant colour, scent and shape to attract a plethora of enthusiastic little animals and insects.

During the pollination process male pollen in transferred to the female egg cells of another flower of the same class and the seed is then fertilized. The carrying of pollen from flower to flower occurs through different ways and means, ranging from something as random as the wind to a select plant and animal species.

It is the structure and function of flowers more than anything that dictates how pollination for individual flowers takes place – flowers which set their pollen on the breeze produce massive clouds of fine dust that is caught in passing by the recipient. The structure of the female – in other words the stigma, is designed for this and is more often than not wide with a flat tip protruding far beyond the petals. These flowers are usually numerous is quantity, small, scentless and do not have bright colours, having no need to attract a courier – most typical are the grasses.

The majority of plants are insect pollinated and their dominant service providers are beetles, bees, moths, butterflies and flies. But the most conspicuous pollinators are birds as they fly to and from their designated flowers.

The next time you receive a wonderful bunch of flowers, take note that the colour and form of flowers are not haphazard but serve to attract and guide the pollinator.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Become a restaurant critic and guide

Yowzit South Africa, Share your experiences
So it's been a very long time since we posted on our BLOG. We do apologies to all our readers but we've been working on projects that actually made us money VS. fun stuff!!!

NEVER forget the fun stuff it's what keeps you sane :).

Having said that, i came across a site that I love very much. The concept pretty much a replica of in the USA. However with a localised flavour.

Welcome to YOWZIT SA.

So the reason I say SA is because by the looks of things they actually have a YOWZIT INDIA as well.

What i love about this site. It's a social sharing, ratings and business directory essentially. I use it to find reviews of restaurants especially.

It's great, it's fun, it's easy and it's one of the best sites I've seen launched in South Africa in the last couple of months. So, I know from their site they're probably looking for business listings and reviewers, so if that's what you feel like doing, telling a restaurant how crap they are - BY ALL MEANS!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Defy's new range of double door fridges

Defy Fridges:
The Defy C375 No Frost Combi DFC386, Double Door Fridge is 2010 cms high, 595 cms wide and is 600 cms deep. This fridge is eco-friendly and rated as an “A” energy –saving product.

If you are one of those people who simple finds smells in the fridge really unpleasant,  the refrigerator odour filter will be a really nice feature to have, keeping smells to a minimum. Perfect for wine connoisseur, there is a wine rack to keep your wine chilled to perfection, and an audible alarm to alert you to the fridge being left ajar, and for those greens that wilt so quickly in the hot summer months, there are twin sealed crispers to ensure that greens are at their best at all times.

Other features of this double door fridge are that there is an electronic display, no frost,and has a fast freeze feature.

Defy offers a range of fridges that combines style and simplicity as well as style. This is a GAS friendly fridge and ensures that the performance of the fridge is maximized.

Excellent insulation and efficient compressors ensures this range of fridges is an “A” energy rating.

Defy offers excellent after-sales service, too.

If it is style you are looking for and a top class appliance, Visit Hificorporation if you're looking for more information.

Thanks to for the fridge review.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LG Side By Side Fridge Reviews

LG have a fantastic range of products in line for you and today we're reviewing the LG Side by Side Fridge range. This range consists of the;

L.G Fridge Side By Side Metallic GRB207FLC
L.G Fridge Side By Side Metallic GWB207FLQK

They certainly don’t disappoint. This fridge is sexy and classic looking. Decorated with Swarovski crystals or flower designs, the LG range will certainly not disappoint with state-of the art technology and finishes that are simply out of this world.

Stand out Features of the LG Side by Side Fridge: Advanced GIDC technology, built in home bar, Linear Compressors, and ice and water dispensers.

An LG side by side fridge is  frost free, has hidden hinges, tempered glass shelves and moist balance crispers.

So if you like what you see, check out Hificorporation's special offer on LG Side by Side Fridges.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm busy with my Emails!

In today's busy lifestyle, we let our fingers do the walking over the keyboards and keep in touch via Emails.

This rubbed off against the way we do business. We are using this electronic mail system to the biggest of our advantages and business has become easier for us all!

More and more companies are turning to Email for the way to communicate. Synaq business email offerings are good examples of this, giving companies the best there is to offer regarding business emails and how to manage them.

The world is turning faster and faster every day and we need to keep up with everything! So make sure you and your business are on the right wave when it comes to using your email to the best of its potential!