Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Defy's new range of double door fridges

Defy Fridges:
The Defy C375 No Frost Combi DFC386, Double Door Fridge is 2010 cms high, 595 cms wide and is 600 cms deep. This fridge is eco-friendly and rated as an “A” energy –saving product.

If you are one of those people who simple finds smells in the fridge really unpleasant,  the refrigerator odour filter will be a really nice feature to have, keeping smells to a minimum. Perfect for wine connoisseur, there is a wine rack to keep your wine chilled to perfection, and an audible alarm to alert you to the fridge being left ajar, and for those greens that wilt so quickly in the hot summer months, there are twin sealed crispers to ensure that greens are at their best at all times.

Other features of this double door fridge are that there is an electronic display, no frost,and has a fast freeze feature.

Defy offers a range of fridges that combines style and simplicity as well as style. This is a GAS friendly fridge and ensures that the performance of the fridge is maximized.

Excellent insulation and efficient compressors ensures this range of fridges is an “A” energy rating.

Defy offers excellent after-sales service, too.

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